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My art reflects experiences and feelings that influence me in large and small ways every day.  Art tells a story with chapters reflecting people and events around me at a specific time in life.

Public and Personal Art in One Piece
The public experience from my art is when the art is seen from further away. It might just be a glimpse from a corner of your eye without seeing the details. It sets a mood incorporating a specific color palette. It’s like picking up an aroma of a new or familiar food that is simmering in the kitchen. It’s the foretaste that becomes more clear and only gives away it’s nuances when fully enjoyed and experienced through all senses.

When viewed up close, my artwork becomes personal. Small details draw the viewer closer into another level of experiencing the painting. Taking time to get personally involved into my painting is one of my goals of painting. The colors, the texture, and the small images create another story that is revealed when giving in and taking the time to discover the small things in life that make up the whole picture.

"Bonding Flowers" Painting. The new owner of my painting sent me this picture and it made me happy to see that it has a new home.Isn’t that what life is all about? How can we see the always important big picture if we don’t take time to discover the little hidden joys in life. Sometimes, these hidden images are not joys, but express the deeper pain or frustrations which are part of life.

If you like a painting in one of the collections that is already sold, I will take your commission to paint a similar painting for you. This can be even more personal because you still have some influence on the colors and size.

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